Nadia's Intuitive Gifts

Sometimes we know we need... or at least really want... something new... to add joy, positive energy, a breath of fresh air, some fun, and a smile into our lives....

Sometimes we have to give a special gift......

..... but we are unsure what to purchase.

I love giving gifts. Every step of the process is sacred, when preparing 

something special for that someone special.

Lady Jayne's Bewitchery 'Intuitive Gifts' are prepared with love and

 magic, from my heart to your hands.

My customers love receiving packages that are custom curated for 

THEIR personal needs. It is like getting a surprise gift... and yet it is 

precisely what you need and desire.

These custom packages are filled with one of a kind creations, Lady

 Jayne Bewitchery products, and other intuitively chosen selections.

These unique customized offerings are available in three sizes for your


This is a popular monthly gift to yourself, or to a friend. Intuitive gifts

 can be purchased individually at any time or can come to you monthly

 via subscription membership. What a wonderful way to infuse positive 

energy and magic into your life on a steady basis!

(Packages include such items as  Bath Salts, Intention Candles, Incense, Herbal Blends, Crystals and more)



"Small" Intuitive Gift Package

Nothing from Lady Jayne's Bewitchery is ever 'small'! This mystical goody bag is brimming with positive energy and magical treats. Comes safely packaged in a USPS flat-rate padded mailer.



Medium Intuitive Gift Package

This is the most popular size! Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, and other special occasion gifts . Also a lovely size for a monthly infusion of magic for yourself or a friend!

USPS  Flat Rate Medium Box generously laden with magical delights, intuitively selected just for you.


Large Intuitive Gift Package

This large (USPS Flat Rate) box is a true treasure trove of candles, oils, bath salts, incense and more! Indulgence for your soul and senses.



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