The Planets say PLEASE stop blaming them....

... for your bad day....
....for your character flaws....
....for things 'messing up' and going haywire
....for people being 'challenging'
...Yes EVEN during their retrograde phases.

SURE some astrological aspects and configurations are more challenging.

You know which ones? The ones we refuse to acknowledge and align with and flow with the lessons and changes they bring. Not cool to ignore them until your like goes amuck and then point a finger at the planets and blame them. The 'messes' happen to catch our attention, even if it has to be worded as blame, to focus on the lessons of that time....the new ways to perceive, handle, and do things.

WHY do they do all this shuffling and reversing and spinning, and ANNOYING? Because then we have different energy climates, different situational atmospheres and scenarios in which to learn NEW ways to see, perceive, feel, grow, expand, and be.

Some, even when aligned, we may not like or be as comfortable with as others... much like Brussels Sprouts...we may not dig them as much as even spinach but it for SURE gets worse if we tense up and try and feed them to the dog under the table, or gag ourselves with tension over them. SO much easier to say ok veggy dude... I get it.. necessary you are and down the hatch! Muss free and moving on to dessert!

It pains me to see practitioners of all stages, ages, paths, and especially those on a social pedestal as teacher or mentor to the masses, playing the planetary blame game. It does NOT make you any less miserable and it sets a bad precedent for those taking your witchy word as the magical gospel.

Want the icky situation/status/challenge to pass faster?? Sure you do. Instead of blaming the planet and taking comfort that at least as of X date it will be 'back to normal', see the lesson, learn and master and then it will have done what it needs to - or rather YOU will have done what YOU need to with the energy cocktail provided.

And here is the major flaw (let alone misinformation) in your current course of action.... as of 'that date' the challenge does not go away for you need THAT lesson... and life will bring back challenge after challenge, louder and bigger until you DO pay attention and attend to it.

The planets... are here... FOR us... not against us.