Each year, no matter what the year was like, we all feel the need to release some of the year that is coming to a close. That does not mean anything is wrong or unpleasant, just simply that along the way, as we walk through time and experience life, we accumulate some that is not meant to move forward with us, not healthy to, no reason to, etc. Other years there is an indisputable list of unpleasantness that clearly needs to be left behind in the file of 'year over'.

After this year of 2017, when there has been so much global trauma politically, socially, and in manner of natural disasters, we certainly feel the need to cleanse, release, and then be ready to move forward.

Additionally, many people have been experiencing intense personal life changes, or at least the first steps that lead to a clear and inevitable shift. There is always some discomfort in growth, even when it is for the best. The lessons and progress must remain, but the residual discomfort should be let go.

Others, like myself have found this to be - even as recently as the past few days as this year is in its last moments - a year of revelation. Seeing undeniably who people are, what they believe, what they stand for, and what they are willing to do to either maintain a status quo or create change. Such clarity, all cards revealed.... made many people part ways and deal with disappointment, loss, all the while finding more clarity about who we each are, ourselves, in how we react to it all and the choices we make.

The point is, that good year or rough one, there is always something that it is best to release. No matter what this year has felt like, and what it has qued up for us in the year to come, we can move forward better, healthier, happier, stronger, and to do that it must be laden with the wisdom and not the unnecessary weight of what has been.

How can I, this year of all times, be optimistic going forward? I will quote Dan Rather to explain. "As we face the dwindling days of 2017, I for one am looking forward to 2018. I do so because I believe a year of despair can beget a year of hope." 

SO - How do we release?

These are a few simple and yet very effective techniques that I personally use - as do many other folks, and I hope that they serve you well, or inspire you to create your own 'year end release' traditions.

1) Smudges – There are actually TWO important tips here that involve smudges.

a.     First is as you would expect, smudging will clear out old energies that no longer support and serve your best self and well being. You can smudge with a smudge ‘wand’ of sage, rosemary, or with a palo santo stick. Other great smudges are done on charcoal disc in a fire safe burner that is also safe to be carried throughout the area you are cleansing. Such smudges can be cleansing and clearing herbal blends, resins such as frankincense or copal, or a mixture of resins and herbs for this purpose.

Be sure to smudge your home (every nook and cranny – cabinets, drawers, etc), your car, your computer, your phone, wallet and purse, car keys, and of course yourself. Basically be sure to clear all residue of any fear or anger, sadness, or unpleasantness that is connected to any of these often used items and spaces.

b.    Your next important ‘smudge to release’ tip is to discard any old partially used smudge wands. We often use just part of a smudge wand and go back to use them up later. At the end of the year (or any other major clear out time, like moving as another example), it is best to discard these partially used smudges as they have worked in and with past energies that needed to be clear. Start your new year with new smudge.

2) Protective Amulets – Be sure to cleanse all of your protective amulets – both the ones that you wear as well as those that you have in your home and car. These sacred items have been shielding and fending off the negativity of this last time phase and it is best to clean them and recharge them for the new year and new energies. Some you may want to replace, but most you will just want to cleanse and refresh. Be sure to thank these mystical tools for all of their wondrous work on your behalf this past year, and consecrate them for the year to come.


3)  3) If you have a protective line of salt and/or protection mixture at your exterior doors and/or windows, then now is the time to clear that batch away and replace it with a new one. I personally sweep it up, then vacuum up any remnants, and then I wash the area with a vinegar wash. The whole while, I thank the outgoing salt blend for having worked on my behalf to shield me and mine from any negativity. When I lay down the new batch of salt blend, I bless and charge it for its work on my behalf in the time to come.


      4)Bay Leaves – These awesome leaves are inexpensive and easy to find in any grocery store. I do this on New Year’s Eve itself in the late evening. Prepare by gathering your supplies: Bay Leaves, sharpie/marker or other writing tool, matches, fire safe dish (cauldron, etc). On each leaf, write something that you wish to release or banish – a bad habit, a feeling, a person etc. Focus on being free of whatever you wish to release as you light the leaf on fire and let it burn safely in your burner. After you are finished burning all that you want to release, take the ashes outside and release to the wind, or even flush them down a toilet letting the water flow remove it from you. (Be sure to catch my next blog on how to use these leave on New Year’s Day to manifest intentions and goals.)


5)    5) Even if you use the bay leaves method, or even if you do not - You can also write a list of all that you desire to release and banish. Write your list, considering each addition carefully. When finished you can sprinkle a bit of chili powder to the paper and burn it safely. Watch the flames and see all that you listed being consumed and released.


6)6) It is also VERY important to make a list of what was GOOD, miracles, blessings, goals achieved, desires manifested, personal growth. When all we focus on is the negative, it is unbalanced and hard to muster up hope and personal power and focus for the future. Make a list of these positive aspects, feel happy and proud. Place the list by a white candle anointed with olive oil as gratitude and honor of these positive experiences and achievements. When the candle finishes burning, you can put the list away with your journal or planner for 2017.


7)    7) Cleansing Bath – A cleansing bath is always a wonderful method of release and can be done as your main method or after other cleanse and release activities. For this bath, you can use a purifying herbal bath blend, or a cleansing salt blend. Even plain sea salt or Epsom salt has strong cleansing properties and can be added to your bath water with or without a drop or two of your favorite release oil blend.


These release and cleanse techniques are great to use at any time. Some folks do this monthly, and/or when a wave of negative static like energy comes their way.

Lady Jayne’s Bewitchery has everything you need for any and all release, banishing, and cleansing work… and lots more. We carry herbal baths, bath salts, shower gels, herbal blend incense smudges, smudge wands, sacred space blessing kit, and more. Our website is going through a redesign at the moment so many items aren’t on the site but ARE in stock, so just message me for what you need or for my recommendations.

Next blog will feature New Year’s Good Fortune Traditions – stay tuned!