Bottom line, first - I love this little book!

It is an absolute treasure trove about one of my favorite days of the year. A perfect blend of the serious spirituality of Samhain and the fun and frivolous of the more secularized concept of Halloween.

From decor ideas to spells, exercises that teach and enlighten, all the way through historical and mystical information, and delicious seasonal recipes.

This hardcover edition proves that  great things come in small packages.

If I were to recommend just one book for Samhain and the 'Halloween season' it would be Llewellyn’s Little Book of Halloween.

Purchase on Amazon and also be sure to check out Mickie's Etsy shop for Halloween art and other magical treasures. 

My (signed) copy all ready for this season!

For a fun video peek at this book, enjoy these videos created by author Mickie Mueller:

Little Book of Halloween by Mickie Mueller Short #2