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The Sacredness of Secrecy

December 31, 2018

There is power in privacy.

It is not shame, it is not hiding.

It is protecting what is sacred, what we need to incubate and keep cosmic germ free, so that it can grow and flourish healthfully.

Privacy is not fear, it is prudence and responsibility.

So… no, I never share my natal chart, not even my main trio (sun, moon, rising) while of course anyone who knows my birthday knows I am a Capricorn. Full details are on a need to know basis and truly since they are my soul blueprint, I’m the only one who needs to know.

I follow the same standard for details of my spells and rituals, as well as the specifics of my path, practice, and worship. Some is shared, but never ..not even nearly all.

Even something as seemingly common fair as my word of the year… is private.

Information forms knowledge and knowledge is power. When we give people intimate details of ourselves – be it financial, spiritual, emotional, physical…we give them power over us and in our life. You wouldn’t give someone the PIN number to your bank account, but you would share your full natal chart? Your private rituals? WHY???

There are exceptions – which is what makes the ‘need to know’ aspect important…. For example, your trusted tarot reader, your astrologer… will each need SOME specific information from you in order to provide the chart, reading etc that you then use with the rest of your details and elevate further. Even they do not require oversharing and overexposing of all your personal data and details.

The oversharing of where someone is, every place they go, what they are doing, where their child is, what they are eating, every sensation and emotion they experience, is an extremely grotesque trend. It is irresponsible to one’s self and loved ones, it puts your privacy and personal power at risk, and it is grossly inconsiderate to everyone bombarded by it in their social media stream. No one is choosing to read the low vibe negativity of whining or to ride the roller coaster of the poster’s volatile emotions, or even be drowned in shallow materialism as they incessantly display their belongings and acquisitions. There is what is prudent for us, ourselves, and even wider reaching is our responsibility to everyone who is exposed to what we thrust in their line of vision.

Personal details – for a multitude of reasons ranging from mundane to magical – really should be on a need to know basis.

We often overshare in efforts to forge a deep connection, thinking that if I bare all then the other person will too. Even mutual oversharing does not intimacy nor true connection make. It is a sense of desperation to throw it all out there to and for anyone to consume. This behavior is also mislabeled as being ‘authentic’. Being real does not mean opening every detail to the public. Authenticity is being honest and true to oneself and honest in what you say to others – that does not mean one must tell others everything. Honesty and full detailed disclosure are two very different things.


As we step into a new year and a new calendar cycle of life, I urge us all to be more prudent with this plague of oversharing. We put ourselves at risk, we diminish our power along with our privacy, and we are at the same time irresponsible to others.

Do not allow desperation to impress, or to be accepted tempt you to overshare.

Privacy is power. There is sanctity in secrecy. Honesty is accuracy in what is said not necessarily in how much is shared.

This new year, let us be prudent, be powerful, and be far more private.


New Year Traditions

December 29, 2017

In every culture and country there are numerous traditions centered around the new year, to herald in good fortune, health, love, prosperity, and other blessings.

I am currently working through a flu and know that this is far from as much as I had hoped to share, so please let these few mentions, inspire you to research other traditions as well as create your own!!

Many of the best known traditions are based around food items. As a vegetarian I only post those that I myself would be willing to ...

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How To Prep For a Glorious New Year

December 29, 2017

Each year, no matter what the year was like, we all feel the need to release some of the year that is coming to a close. That does not mean anything is wrong or unpleasant, just simply that along the way, as we walk through time and experience life, we accumulate some that is not meant to move forward with us, not healthy to, no reason to, etc. Other years there is an indisputable list of unpleasantness that clearly needs to be left behind in the file of 'year over'.

After this year of 2017,...

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Retrograding Inward

April 12, 2017

When the words or actions of others irritate or sadden me, I look for the ‘why’ as I believe it comes across our path of experience to teach or remind or even reveal something to us… not about anyone else per se – but rather about ourselves. This is always true but most definitely during Mercury Retrograde when we are submerged in the cosmic cocktail of rethink, reassess, respeak. Even more so when coupled with Venus Retrograde wherein we reevaluate who and what we value, how and by w...

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April 30, 2016

Aragonite - What a delightfully delicate and yet sturdy and complex crystal.

"Aragonite Clusters facilitate the release of negative energy, anger, anxiety and fear from the body. They radiate energy outwards in all directions, beaming rays of light and love out in all directions. Holding one of these star clusters helps you to be more connected to Mother Earth. (via Energy Muse)"

Delicate crystal clustering makes this stone seem fragile and yet its base is sturdy and steadfast. Aragonite is...

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Please Don't Blame the Planets

February 7, 2016

The Planets say PLEASE stop blaming them....

... for your bad day....
....for your character flaws....
....for things 'messing up' and going haywire
....for people being 'challenging'
...Yes EVEN during their retrograde phases.

SURE some astrological aspects and configurations are more challenging.

You know which ones? The ones we refuse to acknowledge and align with and flow with the lessons and changes they bring. Not cool to ignore them until your like goes amuck and then point a finger...

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