Magic on Demand
Need a little extra magic in your life?

Of course you do!

Knowledge is power and THIS is where you get it!

Daily Energy Information

Spells and Rituals


Divination - Tarot, Oracle, Tea Leaves, and More!

Lady Jayne's Bewitchery Magic on Demand is a monthly subscription service to receive extra magical information and how to's directly in your inbox.

Magic as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Select your subscription level

2) Click the subscribe button for that level

3) Each month you will be automatically billed for your subscription on the same date each month - the same date as when you enroll.

You can cancel at any time... but you won't want to!


A Little Extra Magic

Your $5 monthly subscription brings you

Daily Astrological Energies & Magic

Wheel of the Year/Sabbat Information


More Monthly Magic

In addition to everything from the $5 subscription, you also receive

New Moon Information and Magic

Full Moon Information and Magic

(this level is IDEAL for those who work strongly with the monthly lunations as I do)


Master Your Craft

With the $25 subscription, you receive everything from the $5 and $10 subscriptions, as well as the following:

Monthly Herbal Magic
Monthly Crystal Magic
Rituals and Spells for numerous life situations

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