Ready to Cast Love Spell Kit

If you're looking for a package deal for a love spell ceremony look no further! Order the Love Spell
Kit and get:

Love Incense, Anointing Oil, Votive Candle, and Stone

Don't Forget! You have many options for tools and ingredients for Love Magic! Here's what you might want to add to your collection!

Votive Candles:

Love Everlasting 

Open the channels for deep, generous, and engaging emotional exchange. Increase the attraction & connection with the love you desire/have.


For when emotions run high & we need to get some peace

Calm, Cool, & Collected 

For when communications may be sensitive but necessary

Love Incense:

Need to make sure nothing gets "held back" in love? Passion in emotion allows feelings to flow freely

Spice It Up 
Need I say more??

The classic "love" scent. Excellent for attracting a new mate.

Whether single or coupled, increase opportunities for special moments.

The unsung hero of attracting and maintaining long term relationships. Lavender brings the "friend you need" out of a love connection. It is also the favored herb of same-sex love magic.

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