Herbal Baths


Herbal Baths have been used in numerous spiritual and healing practices over the ages. 

Lady Jayne's Bewitchery Herbal Baths are based on ancestral Gypsy family recipes.

Each Herbal Bath is packaged in an airtightbag bag to maintain freshness, and is accompanied by a muslin bag to transfer the herbal bath to for soaking in your tub water.

Herbal Bath Blends are created from organically grown herbs and are all natural and chemical free. While there is a pinch of sea salt in each herbal bath blend, for those who enjoy solely salt baths, we also offer bath salts that make a wonderful accompaniment to our herbal baths. Dissolve the salts in your bath, as it fills, and toss in the herbal bath sachet packet for added magic! Herbal Baths and Bath Salts can each be used independently, or together.

Each Herbal Bath is $9.

Bath Varieties are: Healing, Relaxation, Purification , Love, and Prosperity

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