Candle Magic Information 

Candle Magic is one of the simplest forms of energy work, and usually the first form of magic that many will try.

It is a form of magic that does not require a full altar, nor a lot of ritual items, nor even extensive knowledge of ceremonial protocol. Anyone can cast an effective spell using candle magic. In fact we all, already have ~ Remember when you were a child and you made a wish before you blew out the candles on your cake? That was candle magic - focused intent on a desire, fueled by will for it to manifest, and a magical vehicle by which to release our intention into the Universe to manifest.

People often feel the most comfortable starting out with candle magic as candles are a key component in every spiritual path, so no matter what religion you may have been raised in, there is a familiarity and comfort level with feeling connected spiritually while utilizing candles.

Additionally they feel less threatening to newcomers, than other magical ritual tools, supplies, and substances, as we are surrounded by candles in our culture. They are everywhere from the grocery store to the metaphysical store - for ambiance, aromatherapy, decor, and now for magic.

 When approaching Candle Magic there are a few factors to consider:

 What kind of candle do I need?

Candles come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and scents as well as unscented. What is the best for YOUR purpose? 

Candle Sizes -  tea light, votive, chime (4" mini taper), household (6" standard household candle), taper (range from 10" and taller), pillars, glass 7 day novena candles, image candles such as human form, skulls, cats, crosses, and more.

If you are casting magic to keep a certain energy sustained in your space (ie Peaceful Home or Protection), then you would perhaps select a pillar candle or a 7 Day/Novena glass candle which lasts longer.

If you need the result urgently (and I do mean NEED and not just impatiently want) then you may prefer to select a tea light or chime candle as the spell will be over faster and the energy completed quicker to release and manifest.

 You should always use a brand new candle for spell work; do not use one that has been previously started and extinguished as decor, aromatherapy, or even other magical workings. This is most respectful to your current work, as well as most effective, as it does not bring other intended energies with it into this ritual.

 Colors ~

Color is one of the many tools we make use of in magical workings. Each color represents various Deities, elements, planets, zodiac signs, energies, and of course also - intended goals. Note some Deities, Days, Planets, Goals etc have more than one corresponding color.

 Some basic uses for each color are as follows:


Red:              Anger, Passion, Motivation, Courage, Confidence, Lust, War, Fire (element), Mars, Tuesday

Pink:               Friendship, Love, Romance, Venus, Aphrodite, Friday

Orange:          Attraction, Magnetism, Wednesday, Mercury, Joy, Happiness

Gold:               Sun, Apollo, Adonis, God, Wealth, Success, Abundance

Yellow:           Air (element), Sun, Sunday, Sun God, Success, Clarity, Concentration, Speech, Thoughts, Focus

Green:            Venus, Friday, Abundance, Money, Finances, Growth, Fertility

Light Blue:     Peace, Healing

Dark Blue:      Health (maintenance), Deep Healing (usually emotional issues), Jupiter, Thursday, Dark of the Moon, New Moon, Moon (planet), Monday

Purple:           Power, Magick, Empowerment, Courage, Confidence, Jupiter, Manifestation, Thursday

Brown:           Earth (element), Stability, Security, Grounding

Black:              Saturn, Saturday, Banishing, Binding, Karma, Security, Stability, Responsibility

White:            Moon (planet), Full Moon, Goddess, Blessing, Protection, Cleansing, Monday

Silver:             Moon, Goddess


Preparing/Dressing Your Candle ~

Anointing Your Candle – There are many methods to anointing a candle.

Always begin by putting a drop or two of the oil for your spell, on your finger tips and then either a) anoint candle from the bottom going up to the top of the wick – so that your magick is sent directly upwards for Divine manifestation of your goal/need.

OR b) anoint the candle from the middle going upwards and then from the middle going downwards to bottom of candle. This creates the flow of ‘as above, so below’ – that just as your prayers/wishes are submitted to the Divine above, so shall they manifest here below.

Do NOT anoint candles with a twisting motion as you of course want your results to come to you directly and smoothly and not in a twisted or roundabout way.

Carving Your Candle – You can use a pen, pin, scribing tool, nail or any other sharp pointed object to write your name or the name of your target into the candle and/or your goal (i.e. how much money you are casting for, the title of job applying for etc etc). This makes the candle even more tangibly a representation of your spell purpose. You can also, to make a candle more aligned with the energy of the target of the spell, place their signature, photo, business card, or personal taglock (hair, nail etc) under the candle. 

Herbs and Your Candle – Once anointed you can add herbs to your candle magic in one of three ways. 1) purchase a candle from a magical practitioner that creates their candles with herbs within the wax of the candle, on the outside of the candle mixed in the outer layer of wax and/or sprinkled on the top as the candle is setting. 2) anoint your candle and then roll your candle in ground herbs pertinent to your spell workings, and/or 3) make a circle of the pertinent herbs around the base of your candle (holder). Be sure to pay extra close attention to herb encrusted candles as they burn, as the herbs are highly flammable and can catch fire in a flare as the candle is burning. 

Candles can also be used in other ways in your spell and ritual work – not just for the purpose of your spell.

Candles can represent and/or honor the Deity or Angel or Spirit you are invoking into your ritual.

Candles can represent the planetary energies you are calling into your ritual.

Candles can represent the elements – at the four directions of your altar/sacred space and/or if calling in specific elements pertaining to your workings.

Candles also – in the appropriate colors – are used to honor the New Moon, Full Moon, and 8 Sabbats around the Wheel of the Year.

A powerful way to bring candle magic into your daily life is to light the appropriately colored candle for that day of the week and align with the energies of the day’s ruling planet.

Sunday ~ Yellow (Sun) – growth, blessings, strength

Monday ~ Blue or White (Moon) – emotions, transformation, femininity

Tuesday ~ Red (Mars) – motivation, passion, assertiveness, courage, confidence

Wednesday ~ Orange (Mercury) – communication, business, study

Thursday ~ Deep Purple or Deep Blue (Jupiter) – expansion (of anything)

Friday ~ Green or Pink (Venus) – love, romance, money

Saturday ~ Black (Saturn) – karma, responsibility, stability, permanence

©Nadia Romanov 2014  

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