Bewitching Bathory

 Bathing  - A simple daily task that provides a bounty of bewitching benefits.

We bathe for cleanliness, for relaxation, for rejuvenation….of the body…and spirit.

As we wash away the physical dirt and debris we picked up during the course of our day, we also release and rinse off spiritual residue like unwanted energies and emotions.

Ritual bathing is vital if you are preparing to do energy work such as spell casting, meditation, or healings. As you immerse your physical body in the cleansing atmosphere of your bath, you are prepared and empowered for the energy and spiritual work you are about to do.

Bathing is also a very sensual activity, even when bathing alone. It is quiet time, within which we can calm the mind, and let a whole new wave of mood and emotion wash over us. Even after the most hectic or stressful day personally or professionally, we can turn the tide, and feel vibrant, sensual, and powerful once again. It is very important to reconnect with who WE are ~ for ourselves, for our relationships, and for our energy work.

Be it a long soak in the tub, or an invigorating shower – our daily bathing benefits our body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Lady Jayne's Bewitchery offers many bewitching options for your bathing needs...and desires.


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