Bath Salts
Bath Salt Varieties

Lady Jayne's Bewitchery Magical Bath Salts are a luxuriant blend of Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, and our exclusive aromatic magical oils. Our bath salts are free of dyes, and are aromatically infused with essential oils, no synthetics. There are no herbs in our bath salts. For those who enjoy herbals in their bath, we also offer herbal bath packets that make a wonderful accompaniment to our bath salts. Dissolve the salts in your bath, as it fills, and toss in the herbal bath sachet packet for added magic! Herbal Baths and Bath Salts can each be used independently, or together.
Salt baths are a wonderful preparation before spiritual workings, as they cleanse on an energetic level. Salt baths also purge toxins from your blood stream while relaxing your muscular system. Each pound of bath salts is presented in a recloseable, lined craft bag, for your convenience.  

Magical Bath Salt varieties are:

Cleanse and Clear

One Pound Bath Salts $13

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